After a suicide attempt, some people find it incredibly helpful to talk to others who have been through the same thing. Support groups can help with the stigma of talking about suicide, since other members will have had similar experiences. Members can also learn what has been helpful for others during their recovery. Another great thing about support groups is that oftentimes, they are free or low cost.

There are different types of groups in different communities. Some are led by therapists while others are peer-led. Some are open groups (you can just drop in when you want) while others are closed (you commit to attending for a certain period of time (maybe eight weeks, for example).

A few communities have groups specifically for people who have made a suicide attempt (click here for a list of these types of groups). Others communities only have groups for issues such as depression, anxiety or substance abuse.

If you know of a group in your community for suicide attempt survivors that we might add to the list, please contact us  and let us know.

Shari Sinwelski, MS/EdS, the creator of this website was the founder of one of the nation’s first support groups for suicide attempt survivors at the Didi Hirsch Suicide Prevention Center in Los Angeles.  Contact Shari (link to contact us form) for more information about that group or to learn more about creating a group in your community.

The National Film Board of Canada produced a short documentary following a group therapy program for suicide attempt survivors. Click here to watch the video.















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